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Service Contracts: Standard Per Unit Plan

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Download a detailed description of this Service Plan.

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Per unit plans harness Dialogic's expertise to help ensure a specific level of availability and performance for Dialogic® products. These plans are registered at the time of purchase and provide service coverage for specific Dialogic product units. They are sold as price list items through Dialogic distribution and reseller channels.

The following is a summary of the Dialogic Pro Standard Per Unit Plan:

  • Hardware Advance Replacement
  • Technical support covering installation, configuration and deployment support*
  • Software maintenance
  • Business hours remote technical support direct from Dialogic
  • 8 business hours response
  • Available for selected Dialogic Products
    • Dialogic® CG Serias Media Boards (New!)
    • Dialogic® HMP Interface Boards (DNI Boards) (New!)
    • Dialogic® Diva® Media Boards
    • Dialogic® DM3 Media Boards (New!)
    • Dialogic® JCT Media Boards (New!)
    • Dialogic® Brooktrout® Fax Boards
    • Dialogic® TX Series SS7 boards  (New!)
    • Dialogic® Media Gateway Series (DMG) products
  • One, and three year contracts are available

* Does not include application development support

To learn more about Dialogic products and services, please contact us at 800.641.6416

live chat on website
live chat on website