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Introducing the first Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) Appliance

Give your company the power of unified communications today.

Our UC Enterprise Appliance allows for a quick and easy deployment of Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS).  OCS brings all forms of business communications together into a single address book, a single inbox and a single login, combining email, Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP), Instant Messaging (IM) and Audio, Video and Web conferencing into a single system that focuses on the user.

We make it simple

Traditionally, deploying OCS involved the purchase of two or more servers and either extensive outside consulting services or a steep learning curve for internal IT staff.  With our UC appliance, OCS can be deployed in a manner of days on a single, managed 1U server which runs all OCS roles.  This powerful solution is scalable and capable of supporting thousands of users.

Experience the benefits

With OCS, users can communicate securely from any location thanks to the integration with Microsoft Exchange.  OCS allows for secure instant messaging (IM) and VoIP calls from user to user or to the outside world.  Users can hold online meetings using LiveMeeting with participants from inside and outside the organization.  These meetings are enhanced with IM, audio and video.

Why choose the UC Enterprise Appliance?

  • Simple 2-day installation performed by MOC experts.
  • Maintenance performed remotely by StartReady engineers.
  • You have complete control of setup and usage.
  • Much lower total cost of ownership.
  • A completely scalable solution with none of the headaches. offers a variety of scalable StartReady UC Appliances based on the size of implementation, number of locations, and requirement for integration with existing PBX phone systems.  Each StartReady UC appliance supports between 25 and 1,000 users, and appliances can be grouped for scalability.

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