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Why UC?

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The growing consensus across industries is that collaboration technologies are creating significant competitive advantages for early adopters. The most innovative companies are leveraging Unified Communications (UC) solutions to accelerate their business processes both within and outside of their organizations.

In today's global economy, a company's competitive edge is dependant on its ability to seamlessly collaborate with co-workers, partners and customers. UC facilitates that collaboration by blurring the boundaries between the traditional desktop phone and PC, and merging voice communications with email, text messaging and video conferencing across a single, enterprise-wide, PC-based platform.

With a well-planned UC deployment that includes high-quality and innovative end-user audio products, you can free your employees from their desk and let them work more naturally, more comfortably and more productively, and at the same time increase your company's efficiencies and bottom line.

  • Unified Communications applications lead to more effective communication. Beyond replacing a traditional channel for contacting employees, Unified Communications applications also enables smarter communication. Employees can consult the best method for reaching coworkers before even initiating contact, thereby improving the efficiency in their interactions with others.
  • Unified Communications application benefits include both time savings and cost savings. Real-world users' experiences clearly indicate that these applications provide both employee productivity benefits and direct monetary savings. As a result, the ROI case for Unified Communications applications is fairly comprehensive.
  • The level of Unified Communications application benefits increases as the number of different applications available increases. Simply put, the more Unified Communications applications an organization deploys, the greater the overall return in terms of both time and cost savings benefits. While this finding is somewhat intuitive, the actual size of this deployment effect is rather pronounced.
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